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August 27, 2018

When Jane returns to her hometown and wolf pack, she is faced with three prospects for mates, a family reunion gone amuck, and magical spells by her crazy aunts in an attempt to get her mated.

Witches, vampires and shifters come together in an epically hilarious adventure, which ends with a fire, a Rottweiler humping a witch and a naked encounter with a hunky cop.

Shifting ain't easy.  



August 27, 2018

Vampire, rabbits and wolves....oh crap.  When Jill James agrees to help the troublesome wolf shifter twins film a reality show, the last thing she expects is to end up in the middle of an outlandishly crazy chain of events.

Okay so maybe ending up naked on the kitchen floor with a hunky vampire is not exactly that bad.  However, the real question is why does Jill end up kidnapped and tied up with a rabbit shifter afterwards?



August 27, 2018

Super hot famous shifter hires a witch as fake girlfriend...what could possibly go wrong...oh right, she's already obsessed with him.

When a highly recognizable international male model David Wolfe hires Genise Snow to be his fake girlfriend, her daydreams come true.  The stark reality of his complicated lifestyle is anything but a dream.

David Wolfe seems to have everything, however money and fame don't mean anything without someone to share it with.  After spotting the beauty, David figures the only way to get to know Genise, is to hire her. 


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